“WE RECORD” is an international human rights platform that is concerned with collecting data and
documenting violations through interaction with victims, activists, and civil society organizations. We
record violations committed against all components of society and analyze the collected data so that
the community could use it for establishment of the values of justice and enabling individuals of gaining
their rights.



Imagine the following..
A man commits murder, years later he becomes president or public servant because his crimes were left undocumented. or A public servant commits crimes against his people, a number of years later, as he stands trail there is no evidence of his crimes because they were left undocumented.
You don’t have to imagine, this is a reality we are living.
And for this reality to change, We Record.
To ensure rights are preserved,
  • give us a hand, and share our content.
  • record and send us.

Through a team tracking violations

To make sure the data is correct

The data is documented in several forms

Through our platforms, institutions, civil society activists and the media