We urge Emirati authorities to relinquish their policy of forced disappearances against their citizens and residents and to be committed to the international agreements and conventions.

This year, the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances comes in synchrony with the UAE government’s declaring 2019 a year of tolerance, acceptance of the other and respect for differences. Yet, it seems that the declaration had limits other than its drafting that seemed to be an umbrella enclosing all mankind in accordance with the rules of humanity that exclude nobody.

Whereas the authorities have continued their methodology in dealing with activists. It hasn’t been far since the social activist Aliaa Abdulnour died because her medical condition deteriorated after the authorities deprived her of her right to treatment for being a cancer patient. What happened to the victim Aliaa Abdulnour represents a clear evidence that the authorities don’t suffice with a certain limit of violations, where she and other activists have faced forced disappearances.

We recorded the escalation of crimes of forced disappearance, of which the first chapter of its campaigns appeared in the horizon in 2011 in synchrony with the Arab Spring uprisings. The sum of this crime’s victims increased to reach its peak in the period between 2013 and 2015, when no less than 130 persons from different nationalities have faced forced disappearances by the hands of the UAE State Security, according to the documentation of “We Record” team.

Further, the relatives of the Emirati citizen Gamal Mohamed Abdullah al-Hammady are still missing him and ignoring his destiny since he was detained by State Security forces in Abu Dhabi on April 20, 2013. The team concerned with enforced disappearance cases at the United Nations Human Rights Council has filed a complaint to the UAE government concerning the disappearance case of Gamal in the 103rd session held in 2014.

Hence, we urge the UAE government to reveal the destiny of its disappeared citizen Gamal Mohamed Abdullah al-Hammady, act seriously to foster the values of tolerance and respect for human rights, and to end all incidents of forced disappearance immediately for it is an inhuman crime. We do, moreover, urge UAE authorities to undertake legislative procedures incriminating enforced disappearance and stating clear punishments against offenders.

“We Record” team
August 30, 2019