The repressive measures practiced by Saudi authorities against women detainees have not been limited to a certain intellectual or political group, but they affected various currents of different orientations. Intellectual or ideological affiliation was neither a deterring factor nor an encouraging criterion in the practice of abuse against women detainees. Among the victims are university professors such as Dr. Ruqaya al-Muhareb, Dr. Aziza al-Yousef, and human rights activists such as Loujain al-Hathloul, Mia al-Zahrani, Maysa al-Amoudi, and Khadija al-Harbi, who was pregnant when she was arrested and suffered health problems and risks threatening her fetus, as well as the Shiite rights advocate Nasima Daoud al-Sadah.

All of them were subjected to arbitrary detention for long periods during which they were not prosecuted or sent to court. At least 15 women out of 20 were subjected to enforced disappearance inside secret prisons under the supervision of the State Security Presidency and the Royal Court.

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