Since 2011 and after the start of the Arab Spring, UAE launched campaigns targeting many civil society activists and intellectuals with the intention of limiting the rising call for change in the current system.

The crack down and detention of human rights activists in the country led to the eradication of human rights activism, which scared the victims subjected to human rights violence into silence.

In 2019, these violations extended to women. During 2019 Alia Abdulnoor died in custody as a result of intentional medical negligence, Making her the first woman to die as a result of medical negligence in the Gulf. Alia was arrested, subjected to enforced disappearance, tortured and then sentenced to prison as a result of taking part in social activities that aimed to help children who fell victims to the war in Syria.

It did not stop there, UAE took part in other violations as well, it was directly involved in the war in Yemen and launched many unlawful attacks in the country and built secret detention facilities.

You can share with us any violation happening to you or to individuals in your area

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