Since July 3, 2013, Egypt has witnessed an unprecedented escalation of the violations committed against citizens. Violations have initially been focused on the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and those sympathetic to them. Then violations extended to include all other political and ideological currents that might form a seed of opposition to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the Egyptian regime.

This led to an unprecedented barbarism of the security services until detentions, torture and enforced disappearances have almost been daily news!

The authorities did not suffice with that, yet they continued to conduct many operations of evacuation and forced displacement that affected thousands of citizens. That was under numerous claims such as War on Terrorism like in North Sinai Governorate, claims that citizens do not own the land and claims of economic benefits like in the lands of Maspero Triangle and al-Warraq Island in the Greater Cairo.

you can share with us any violation happening to you or to individuals in your area