WeRecord documented parallel raids carried out by two national security agency units on a couple of houses owned by family relatives of Egyptian-American human rights advocate Mohamed Soltan in both Alexandria and Menofia governorates on Monday 15th June 2020. Five of Soltan’s cousins were arrested due to the raids:

  1. Hamza Azouz Abdelhaleem Morsi Soltan.
  2. Ismail Azouz Abdelhaleem Morsi Soltan.
  3. Ahmad Shaker Abdelhaleem Morsi Soltan.
  4. Mahmoud Eid Abdelhaleem Morsi Soltan.
  5. Mostafa Ramadan Abdelhaleem Morsi Soltan.

Even though, at the time of their arrest, no official arrest warrants were presented they were led to unknown locations. Later, we found out they were taken to other locations owned by the National Security Agency, then to the State Security Prosecution HQ in The Fifth Settlement in Cairo, Egypt after that. They were accused of being a part of a banned group and spreading fake news, they are to remain in police custody pending further investigations.

WeRecord has also documented that parallel to the arrests, Dr. Salah Soltan was moved from his cell in Liman 440, located in Wadi Al-Natrun prisoners to an unknown location.

Activist Mohamed Soltan’s family has been subjected to malicious targeting after he filed a lawsuit against former Egyptian prime minister Hazem ElBeblawi holding him accountable to the torture and human rights violations he was subjected to during his detention in Egypt after the events of Rabia and Al Nahda square dispersals took place on August 14th, 2013.

These actions speak to the complete disregard of laws in Egypt under a regime ruled by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the expansion of its collective punishment policy to target political activists’ families and those who work in the Human Rights field and residing outside of the country, to force them into silence.


Thursday, June 25th, 2020